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Re: "Received problem 2 in the chunky parser" Error ?

From: Daniel Stenberg <>
Date: Thu, 6 Apr 2006 00:00:30 +0200 (CEST)

On Wed, 5 Apr 2006, Dobromir Velev wrote:

> I've run into a strange error when trying to open a chunked page on a Rapid
> Logic server. The page opens fine on other browsers or when curl is forced
> to use HTTP/1.0.
> Any ideas?

If you can repeat this on demand, we surely are in a good position to nail
this. I've seen it reported before, but then people have just been happy with
the 1.0-workaround and moved on...

> <= Recv data, 314 bytes (0x13a)

Below here is the first chunk of data libcurl reads:

> 0000: 3c 68 74 6d 6c 3e 0d 0a 3c 68 65 61 64 3e 0d 0a <html>..<head>..
> 0010: 3c 74 69 74 6c 65 3e 4c 6f 67 20 4f 6e 3c 2f 74 <title>Log On</t
> 0020: 69 74 6c 65 3e 0d 0a 0d 0a 3c 73 63 72 69 70 74 itle>....<script

Notice how this _does not_ start with a hexadecimal chunk size followed by a
CRLF. This is truly an illegal chunked transfer. Baaad server.

(And we should probably improve that error message libcurl shows for this
error condition.)

If you snoop on the traffic when you fetch with Firefox or similar, can you
see if it gets the same (bad) chunked transfer? If so, can you see if it gets
_any_ chunks or if it all just get sent completely without chunks?

I'm not sure how to work around this server bug though. Without chunks,
there's no way we can know when there's no more data to expect from the

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Received on 2006-04-06