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zlib and 64-bit

From: Cory Nelson <>
Date: Sat, 21 May 2005 15:11:23 -0700

When libcurl is compiled to use zlib, it crashes on gzipped data.

When using zlib's file i/o functions directly, this crash doesn't
happen. Because the file i/o functions use the stream functions, I'm
betting it's not in the stream functions.

Unfortunately VS2005 won't install for me on 64-bit (i have to
cross-compile then reboot into the 64-bit edition), so I can't debug.
I've been reviewing the significant portions of libcurl but I'm not
very familiar with it and havn't turned up anything, so I'm hoping
another set of eyes will be able to.

I've attached a small test case, the URL's I've been using are (works) and (crashes)

Cory Nelson

Received on 2005-05-22