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Re: how to determine errors using multi/easy handles?

From: Big Feet <>
Date: Sat, 7 May 2005 11:33:49 -0400

Hi --

  I forgot to say that I am using the easy_getinfo call with the
following params:




but they always return 0 -- no matter if the connection failed or succeeded.


On 5/7/05, Big Feet <> wrote:
> Hi all-
> Curl so far seems pretty good. Thank you Daniel for your hard
> work on this. If this really works -- gives me a library for both
> windows & osx.. its going to be great.
> Just a few things are not clear. I'd like to know if a dns
> lookup failed. How can I tell?
> Also... how can I tell if some other error happened (some non - result
> code type error)... like what if the transfer is interrupted mid-way
> through the load? What if the load is timed out mid-way? There
> doesn't seem to be any call to determine if a load simply succeeded or
> failed. curl_multi_info_read returns a structure where the msg field
> can only be DONE... but done doesn't tell me what happened... know
> what I mean?
> And one other completely different question... The docs say that
> calling curl_multi_remove_handle will cause a transfer to abort. Is
> this a safe way to abort a transfer? Would I be able to call
> curl_easy_cleanup imedately after this call? What if the perform
> calls are being called from a different thread than the one that is
> calling curl_multi_remove_handle & curl_easy_cleanup...
> Thank you-
> Matt
Received on 2005-05-07