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Réf. : Re: trying to chmod a directory with libcurl

From: Philippe HAMEAU <>
Date: Mon, 2 May 2005 10:23:37 +0200


Dan, I don't understand why your command line should work : the help says
-Q will execute your quote BEFORE the transfer. Am I missing something ?


Daniel Stenberg <>

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02/05/2005 01:39
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On Mon, 2 May 2005, nelson wrote:

> *I need to chmod* a directory


> - a curl command "curl ...." that I could adapt to my purposes...(as I
> can execute the curl command from the VB application)

Perhaps something like this:

  curl -T infile -Q '-SITE CHMOD 777 my_directory'

It uploads a file, and then runs the site command. Use -v to see the

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