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Re: PATCH: A fix to allow OpenVMS to (HTTP) POST data larger than64K...

From: Tim Sneddon, Systems Programmer, BSD, Infomedia Ltd <>
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2004 09:26:52 +0800

Marty Kuhrt wrote:
> I'm all for changes to make possibly broken functions work on VMS.
> Since I don't run the tests against the VMS builds, I can only vouch
> for the stuff I use. The more the merrier!
> Thanks, Tim, for pitching in.

We are starting to use curl for a few more things these days. Would
you be interested in having the test system fixed up? I haven't really
looked at it much, but I'm guessing there just hasn't been the time?

Also, all the software we distribute goes out in PCSI kits, we have
been packaging curl and libcurl, internally, using PCSI for the
last couple of versions. These kits contain shareable images and
shareable image libraries. Would you be interested in these?

At the moment we only package up an hp SSL dependent version, but
I'm sure the procedure could be fixed up (and cleaned up :-) to do

Regards, Tim.

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