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Re: PATCH: A fix to allow OpenVMS to (HTTP) POST data larger than64K...

From: Tim Sneddon, Systems Programmer, BSD, Infomedia Ltd <>
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2004 09:16:24 +0800

Daniel Stenberg wrote:
> The 100K limit is not scientificly determined, we could easily move it around
> to better suit us and having it set to 60K shouldn't hurt anyone much and
> would in my eyes provide a much simpler and more elegant solution to your
> problem.

I'll check this out. I hadn't noticed that before. That would be a better
place to make the change though.

>> o. src/getpass.c - When building the updated source I found
>> that this module would not build because
>> of the "struct _iosb iosb" declaration that
>> had been left behind.
> Oh. This "left behind" struct was just recently added by Marty Kuhrt, our

I meant that there is something liek the following:

struct _iosb iosb;
/* comment */
struct _iosb
} iosb;

This won't compile because the compiler barfs on the first declaration
because _iosb doesn't exist yet.

> friend in VMS package land. Just removing it will probably re-introduce
> problems he's tried to fix...
> Marty, what do you say?

Regards, Tim.

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