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From: Tor Arntsen <>
Date: Fri, 4 Jun 2004 14:17:33 +0200

On Jun 4, 13:02, Domenico Andreoli wrote:
>it would not be such a big problem if i could upload package libcurl3
>but given the release timetable it might not be feasible right now.
>libcurl2 is built from curl source package, if the latter starts to
>build libcurl3 libcurl2 ends without its source package and gets removed
>from the unstable archive. this leads to not few application depending
>on a missing package and requiring the rebuild. it is this rebuild to
>not be compatible with the release, probably.
>libcurl3 would be a new package and subject to the approvation of
>ftpmasters, a long thing in the latest months. so a little coordination
>is required here. i sent a mail to discuss the best solution [0].

I read that small thread.. I can see the problem. If you just
change libcurl2 to contain the 7.11 version the lower version number
will prevent debian sid users to get it (because it's not an 'upgrade').

What I was wondering was if it would be possible to create a
libcurl2_7.12.0-2 deb. which contains both and,
with the former being from 7.11 and the latter the actual 7.12?
I'm not too up-to-date with how this is done or if it is possible,
so please bear with me..

Received on 2004-06-04