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TODO for 7.11 (update)

From: Daniel Stenberg <>
Date: Fri, 19 Dec 2003 14:06:36 +0100 (CET)


I intend to start my xmas holidays today, with a slow period of several weeks
coming up, I've updated the TODO list and post it here again.

Feel free to pick any issue here and work on it. If there's any questions,
just fire them away! ;-)

Fix before releasing 7.11
(Issues not sorted in any particular order)

1. Introduce a new error code indicating authentication problems (for proxy
   CONNECT error 407 for example) (no progress yet) #845941

2. Make the proxy CONNECT headers get passed to the callbacks just like other
   headers are (no progress yet) #845941

3. Apply Peter Sylvester's multi patches (awaiting updated patch)

4. Multi-threaded OpenSSL usage needs to be addressed (patch anyone?)

5. Large-file support (patch is almost complete, work by Dave Meyer)

6. REST fix for servers not behaving well on >2GB requests (some outstanding
   issues, Dave Meyer works on this)

8. Resolve the occational test case 91 failure. This still has no
   resolution. (David Byron has done lots of research)

9. Modify ares to do 'files bind' order instead of 'bind files' by default
   (not actually part of libcurl) See details by Frank Ticheler posted here:

10. Anton Fedorov's "dumpcert" patch (only mailed to me privately)

12. The "PUT and (NTLM/Digest) auth" bug (Jacob Swed's report #862835)

14. Evaluate/apply Gertjan van Wingerde's SSL patches

15. RBramante's inactivity timeout on Win2k problem

16. Tony Blakie's bug report about getting a 302 and Location: back from a
    proxy after a CONNECT request. (correct behavior on this is not certain)


7. Apply Gisle Vanem's djgpp patches

11. building for Windows with SSL on MSVC (patched by David Byron)

13. Andrés García's CURLOPT_IPRESOLVE problem

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Received on 2003-12-19