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Re: FTP large file support patch

From: Dave Meyer <>
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2003 16:27:36 -0800 (PST)

> Here's where I would like to chime in! I would rather have new options that
> ...
> CURLOPT_PROGRESSFUNCTION (the new version of this would take a function
> pointer to a function that accepts off_t arguments for the sizes).
> Perhaps appending "_BIG" is fine? Or "_NEW"?
> I would also like to see the 'off_t' handling get its own CURLOPTTYPE in the
> curl.h file (similar to how CURLOPTTYPE_OBJECTPOINT is used etc) so that it
> ...

Here's the new patch.

I've changed the original CURLOPT_xxx values back to using longs, and
added new CURLOPT_xxx_BIG versions which take off_t's. Internally, the
library always uses off_t's, since those can hold longs without any
difficulty (unless there's some system out there that has smaller than
4-byte file offsets...). I've updated the documentation for the originals
back to what they were, and added documentation for the new values. I
didn't document anything about the originals being deprecated, though -- I
don't know whether you were just speculating or not when you mentioned

I also added the CURLOPTTYPE_OFF_T, and added the _BIG options in as that
type. This allowed me to clean up my changes to easy.c, so they match the
existing checks for parameter type.

The one thing I did *not* do was the changes for CURLOPT_PROGRESSFUNCTION.
The current progress function takes doubles (or, rather, that's how its
prototype is written), which are already large enough to hold 64-bit
integer values (with some slight loss of precision, of course). Thus, I
didn't add a new one that took off_t's, since it looked like the current
function would work properly with off_t's to begin with.

Perhaps I misunderstood your reasoning for having a new progress function,
or maybe I misread; if so, please let me know, and I can address that. :)



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Received on 2003-12-11