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Re: FTP large file support patch

From: Dave Meyer <>
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2003 09:41:02 -0800 (PST)

> > Note that I've also included support for specifying resume offsets which are
> > larger than 2 GB, which means that the Curl_setopt function has changed the
> > sizes of some of its arguments from long to off_t. I've attempted to update
> > the documentation for the relevant option keys in addition to changing the
> > keys themselves.
> Here's where I would like to chime in! I would rather have new options that
> set sizes that use a type different from 'long', to prevent a lot of
> applications to break when updating to this new version. The old (current)
> ...
> Perhaps appending "_BIG" is fine? Or "_NEW"?

Makes sense to me. I actually thought of application incompatibility
shortly after I submitted the patch the first time around. Too bad I
didn't think of it *before* I submitted the patch... :)

If it were entirely left to me, I'd go for adding "_BIG" rather than
"_NEW", since "_BIG" is a bit better of a description of what the
difference is between the two versions of like-named keys. The change
itself should be *very* easy, as you commented, especially since we can
easily populate an internal library off_t with a value read from a long,
so the two keys would really operate the same way aside from what they
read off the argument stack. Unless there is a need to have the internal
library structures retain the long versions of their fields in addition to
off_t versions...?

I'll proceed with _BIG version, leaving the internals converted to off_t
and submit another version of the patch. Unless I hear otherwise about
parts of that, of course. :)

> I would also like to see the 'off_t' handling get its own CURLOPTTYPE in the
> curl.h file (similar to how CURLOPTTYPE_OBJECTPOINT is used etc) so that it
> can be initialized like the rest in the option list in the header as well as
> parsed nicer in url.c:Curl_setopt().

Slick. I hadn't looked at how that part worked (no long->off_t
conversions needed there). I'll do as you suggest, make the new
CURLOPT_xxx things that way, and clean up my messiness for what things
need off_t's in the appropriate place.

> We also need to check for the strtoll() function in the configure script for
> this. (I'll add that check right now)

Wonderful! I was wondering if something like that would be necessary, but
sadly learning about auto{make,conf,etc.} is still on my list of TODOs
rather than my list of HAVE_DONEs...



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Received on 2003-12-10