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building for Windows with SSL -- patch for config-win32.h

From: David Byron <>
Date: Thu, 4 Dec 2003 08:29:42 -0800

I'm finally back to working on curl to try to get --fail to work with --ntlm
and I had to do a couple of things to get the source from cvs to build.

After setting OPENSSL_PATH and ZLIB_PATH, I did:

C:\src\curl\lib>nmake /f Makefile.vc6 cfg=release-ssl

I got some compiler errors that socklen_t was undefined, so I changed
config-win32.h like this:

--- config-win32.h.1.6 2003-12-03 17:39:08.291150400 -0800
+++ config-win32.h 2003-12-03 17:39:11.655988800 -0800
@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@
 #define ssize_t int

 /* Define this to 'int' if socklen_t is not an available typedefed type */
-#if !defined(ENABLE_IPV6) && !defined(USE_SSLEAY)
+#if !defined(ENABLE_IPV6)
 #define socklen_t int

I also had to manually generate lib/ca-bundle.h. This is what I used.

#define CURL_CA_BUNDLE "curl-ca-bundle.crt"

I haven't tried using this yet, nor have I come up with a better solution
for generating it under Windows. Having ca-bundle.h.cvs like getdate.c.cvs
comes to mind. Maybe if it contained #ifdef USE_SSLEAY...

After that, I get curl.exe like this:

C:\src\curl\src>curl --version
curl 7.11.0-CVS (win32) libcurl/7.11.0-CVS OpenSSL/0.9.7a
Protocols: ftp gopher telnet dict ldap http file https ftps
Features: SSL NTLM


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Received on 2003-12-04