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New pre-compiled version of Curl-easy-1.35 including libcurl.dll compiled with SSL support for Win32 (Windows)

From: Chris Drake <>
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2003 00:08:46 +1100

Hi All,

Hopefully I'm not the 1st person ever to try and build this beast :-)

It's taken me all day, but I finally managed to get what appears to be
the correct version of everything assembled and compiled, and I've now
got my first perl program happily grabbing SSL web pages via

I've put it on my web server in case anyone else trusts me enough to
use it without trying to build it all themselves :-)

Here's the SSL file:-

Download and extract it, copy the DLL files libcurl.dll libeay32.dll
and ssleay32.dll into your windows system directory
( C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 on XP or NT ) then (from a DOS window in the
directory you extracted it to) run the command:-

          nmake install

The nmake.exe program is included so hopefully this will work even if
you don't have a compiler. The various bits needed are all included
in the ZIP file.

Don't run nmake with any other options or it will probably delete
things you'll need (I didn't include all the source code here).

I also uploaded a test perl script which I found someplace:-

It just grabs to check that everything is
working OK.

Finally, if anyone wants the non-SSL version, I also put that there

Kind Regards,
Chris Drake

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Received on 2003-01-28