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RE: Error about chunky parser

From: Brad Settlemyer <>
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 2003 15:28:07 -0500

> On Tue, 21 Jan 2003, Brad Settlemyer wrote:
> (I moved this discussion from curl-users to curl-library since we're now
> talking about some possible modifications of the library.)
> > > This indicates that the stream was malformated, not just ending
> > > prematurely.
> As your dump showed in the other mail, the server is *NOT* at all
> sending the
> data using chunked encoding. It's a bloody liar! ;-)
> A third possibility, is that if the very first byte of the
> chunked-transfer
> is found to be illegal (as in this case), we switch it off and get it all
> (and the rest of this transfer) without using chunked transfer...

Yes I had thought of perhaps implementing this in the lib curl code, and
then having it report an error at the end to solve my problem. However, the
existance of multiple errors is tricky. I'm not certain what the content
length error could be, as during the bad chunk processing, there was no
content length reported that I saw.

However, after your useful feedback, I've looked over the relevant portion
of rfc 2616, and realized exactly how far off the server's response was, and
sent them some feedback regarding the error. When I thought it was that
they weren't terminating the connection properly, I didn't think it
warranted complaint, however their level of conformity is pretty poor, and
I've asked them to please point me to the rfc there server corresponds to.

As you probably noticed, there response was lacking in several areas, it
wasn't valid http 1.0 (as the headers suggested), it wasn't valid http 1.1
(and it wasn't a valid content type I think), and it wasn't a valid chunk
encoding. Basically they got everything wrong. Depending on what you're
willing to do for my problem, and what happens with my report to the vendor
that provides the server, perhaps I will be able to at least volunteer the
effort to implement whatever you decide is the patch.


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Received on 2003-01-21