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Re: Tabs in source code (not critical)

From: Andy Cedilnik <>
Date: 14 Jan 2003 11:41:59 -0500

Hi Daniel,

Here is how we solve this problem:

do cvs co CVSROOT
then you add file checkTabs:

# checkTabs checks source code for explicit TABS
# checks only files with the following extensions: .c, .cxx, .txx,
# exits with 0, if all commited files pass the test.
# exits with 1, if any one of the tests fails
# checkTabs can be run as a cvs commitinfo command.
# The following commitinfo line (without the #) will run the script
set failed=0
# skip the first arg, the directory
foreach file ( $argv[2-] )
# select files with extentions .txx, .cxx, .h, .html, .htm
set match=`echo $file | egrep
if ( $match == "" ) continue;
set count=`grep -n " " /dev/null $file|wc -c`
set results=`expr $count \| 0`
if ( "$results" != "0" ) then
        grep -n " " /dev/null $file
        echo ""
        echo "$file has explicit TABSs."
        echo "They must be converted to SPACES(2 per TAB) before you can
        set failed=1
exit $failed

(You could code it in korn shell or bash or whatever).

Then you add into file checkoutlist:
checkTabs cannot check out checkTabs

That is it.
We have this for tabs, windows new lines (^M), enter on last line, and
check for conflicts in the file. So people cannot commit these kind of


On Tue, 2003-01-14 at 11:30, Daniel Stenberg wrote:
> Right, I've had that in my .emacs the last ten years or so.
> They do sneak in every once in a while anyway though, when I'm sloppy in my
> reviewing of/correcting other people's fixes...

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