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connection pooling?

From: rick vaillancourt <>
Date: Mon, 07 Jan 2002 14:25:58 -0500

Hi all-

The doco from curl_easy_perform() promotes yet cautions against concurrent
use of curl instance returned from curl_easy_init().

Is there any supporting code out there for pooling connections?


the following from curl_easy_perform() docs...

     This function is called after the init and all the
     curl_easy_setopt() calls are made, and will perform the
     transfer as described in the options. It must be called
     with the same handle as input as the curl_easy_init call
     libcurl version 7.7 or later (for older versions see below):
     You can do any amount of calls to curl_easy_perform() while
     using the same handle. If you intend to transfer more than
     one file, you are even encouraged to do so. libcurl will
     then attempt to re-use the same connection for the following
     transfers, thus making the operations faster, less CPU
     intense and using less network resources. Just note that you
     will have to use curl_easy_setopt between the invokes to set
     options for the following curl_easy_perform.
     You must never call this function simultaneously from two
     places using the same handle. Let the function return first
     before invoking it another time. If you want parallel trans­
     fers, you must use several curl handles.
     Before libcurl version 7.7: You are only allowed to call
     this function once using the same handle. If you want to do
     repeated calls, you must call curl_easy_cleanup and
     curl_easy_init again first.

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Received on 2002-01-07