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Ann: TclCurl 0.8

From: Andrés García <>
Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2001 15:15:18 -0400


I have just released a new version of TclCurl updated for libcurl 7.8.1,
the changes since the last version are:

    * New command: 'curl::transfer' it takes the same arguments as
      'curl::configure' and takes care of all the transfer details,
      so, for example, instead of doing:

            set curlHandle [curl::init]
            $curlHandle configure -url -file index.html
            $curlHandle perform
            $curlHandle cleanup

      You can now simply do:

            curl::transfer -url -file index.html

      This command is limited as you can't use if you want persistant
      connetions and you can't use the 'getinfo' command with the

    * New options to configure:

        * writeproc
               Use it to set a Tcl procedure that will be invoked by
               TclCurl as soon as there is received data that needs
               to be written down.

        * readproc
               Sets a Tcl procedure to be called by TclCurl as soon as
               it needs to read data in order to send it to the peer.

        * httpget
               If set to non-zero forces the HTTP request to get back
               to GET. Only really usable if POST, PUT or a custom request
               have been used previously with the same curl handle.

        * sslverifyhost
               Set to non-zero if we should verify the Common name from the
               peer certificate in the SSL hand­shake, set 1 to check
               existence, 2 to ensure that it matches the provided hostname.

    * Bug fix:

        * Using TclCurl to upload a file should not cause any more seg faults.

You can find it at:

Have fun

Received on 2001-09-03