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Tracking The Competition

From: Daniel Stenberg <>
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2001 16:17:10 +0100 (MET)

Free Software and Open Source projects have a long tradition of forks and
duplicate efforts. We enjoy "doing it ourselves", no matter if someone else
has done something very similar already.

[I realize that the former licensing of libcurl caused obstacles for GPL
projects, and that some people would like to see things run differently or
have different priorities and therefore go ahead in a different direction.]

In the land of the free, I've done some research and I've found a few
libraries that cover parts of what libcurl features (some of them also do a
lot more than libcurl). I've not bothered with checking for exactly which
platforms these libs work under...

 They are: libghttp, libwww, libhttp, libferit and neon.

libghttp (no web site?)

  Having a glance at libghttp (appearantly a gnome http library), it looks as
  if it works rather similar to libcurl (for http). There's no web page for
  this and the person who's email is mentioned in the README of the latest
  release I found claims he has passed the leadership of the project to

libwww (

  Much more complex, bloated and potent than libcurl is. Includes everything
  from multi-threading to HTML parsing.

libhttp (

  Seems to be an idling project as the CVS shows the last source code
  commit was done 9 months ago. No documentation or web page available

libferit (

  C++ library "for transferring files via http, ftp, gopher, proxy server".
  Based on 'snarf' 2.0.9-code appearantly (formerly known as libsnarf).

neon (

  An HTTP and WebDAV client library, with a C interface. I've mainly heard
  and seen people use this with WebDAV as their main interest.

Is there any programmer(s) in the audience that have tried programming with
the other libs and care share their experiences?

  Daniel Stenberg -- curl project maintainer --
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Received on 2001-03-20