Supporting SSH_KNOWNHOSTS in pycurl

From: <>
Date: Thu, 8 Aug 2013 07:15:47 +0000


    I've been looking at using SFTP with pycurl, but I noticed that it wasn't possible to control the location of the known_hosts file (libcurl is automatically using the default location that libssh2 would use). In libcurl there is CURLOPT_SSH_KNOWNHOSTS that is not supported in pycurl, yet. I was able with two lines to enable this function and it appeared to work exactly like I expected it would.

   Do you want the patch? How do I sent it in? Sorry I'm new to this, a pointer the proper procedure would be welcome.

   Thanks for maintaining pycurl. A think lot of people will appreciate your work.



Received on 2013-08-08