Repository moved to its permanent home, website updated

From: Oleg Pudeyev <>
Date: Tue, 6 Aug 2013 15:09:52 -0400

Hi everyone,

With the contributions continuing to arrive into my temporary git
import repository [1], it was time to relocate pycurl repository into a
more permanent home. Github's organization feature is much better
suited to managing projects than individual repositories.

Ideally I would have liked to use "pycurl" as the organization name [2],
but my email to Ut requesting access went unanswered. Therefore I
created "pycurl-devs" [3], taking a cue from "nose-devs" [4].

Please use this repository from now on for sending patches and filing

If you already cloned my temporary repository, you can simply rename
your clone and then close the new repository. Then push branches into
the new repository.

I also updated pycurl website [5], still hosted on sourceforge. I see
no reason to host it elsewhere at this time.

Thanks to everyone who sent patches so far - it is great to see the
project continuing.


Received on 2013-08-06