github mirror of pycurl CVS sources

From: Richard Bullington-McGuire <>
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2011 22:05:17 -0400

As part of some virtualenv integration work I'm working on for the gogogon
project ( I needed an easily
accessible source archive that pip could read in a requirements file. I
ended up extracting the commits from CVS using 'git cvsimport' and I've
pushed the resulting repository here:


The github project surrounding this is:

I'm wondering if a new release is forthcoming?

The version of pycurl in Pypi is behind the latest released files on
SourceForge, and there are bugs fixed in the CVS HEAD (such as the
--static-libs issue mentioned here ) that impair pycurl's
usability on some platforms.

Richard Bullington-McGuire <>
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