Re: Step up to fix pycurl?

From: Daniel Stenberg <>
Date: Fri, 6 Nov 2009 09:01:28 +0100 (CET)

On Thu, 5 Nov 2009, Daniel Price wrote:

> I think it's great that you've stepped up here. I know you are calling for
> committers, but I wasn't sure how you see the job of committers? Are you
> looking for them to review and accept patches, or is that a role you want to
> perform? I guess I might not be clear on how you see things working, sorry
> if I sound dumb.

No, those aren't stupid questions. I'll try to answer them and describe my
thoughts on this at the same time:

I think we need to increase the amount of contributors with commit access so
that we can distribute the work load better on more humans. This way, we don't
have to rely on the presense or efforts of any single individual in the team.
Each individual would of course still only work on whatever he/she thinks is
good stuff to work on and everyone would of course work on making a good
product and do good things. I think Kjetil has shown that he indeed is capable
of producing a project of this level and quality, but now we can see that he
needs some help to keep it floating and to develop it further in times where
he's has little time left for it. It's time for a few volunteers to step up
and share the burden. And really, we all help our ourselves and our own
projects by doing this.

You don't have to be a master of anything or so. You just have to believe in
the project and have a desire to keep it good and improving. Mistakes are OK
since we use version control and bugs happen.

I've stepped up in an attempt to make this happen. My desire is to gather a
little team that can grab pycurl and polish it up again to be what it wants to
be. Once a handful of people or so have stepped forward, I intend to step down
again and get back into the shadows and watch the rest of the show from there.
I will happily continue to provide info, details and insights from the
internals of libcurl and how we and I see things from that aspect but I'm not
a Python guy and I don't use pycurl myself so I'm not a suitable leader or
committer here.

> I would like to lobby for the patch that was submitted back in April to be
> included. Johansen_at_Sun made this patch:

Perhaps mr Johansen himself would be interested in getting commit access to
commit this himself? I'm assuming you're around and reading this... :-)

> I'm not a pycurl expert, but I do have ten years of professional C
> experience, and I have carefully reviewed the patch and it looks good to me.
> Any chance we could see this get integrated? Without this patch, reset() is
> hopelessly broken. If that means I need to volunteer to be a committer...

I'll be happy to offer you commit access right away. If you mail me your
sourceforge user name, I'll get you added.

> (I just wish the repository was in something modern like hg).

I guess switching to another version control system would be a topic for
discussion, but perhaps we can take that as a step 2.

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