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Re: curl couldn't connect to host - unless it is localhost.

From: Mark E <>
Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2007 09:05:41 -0600

bryan rasmussen wrote:
> Hi,
> Basically my curl installation can connect to localhost but not to
> anywhere on the net.
> currently I cant get the Curl manual. just to make sure there wasn't
> some sort of network blocking of requests from Curl I set the user
> agent to be blah. I have managed to get files from my localhost but
> nowhere else

Sounds like maybe you have a Web filtering system in place or possibly a
Web proxy server (desktop or possibly at your network border), either
one of which might block curl. That is of course assuming that your
localhost can in fact reach Web sites on the Internet - you didn't say.

Received on 2007-08-23