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Re: Posting to PayPal

From: Richard Lynch <>
Date: Sun, 12 Aug 2007 00:32:41 -0500 (CDT)

On Sat, August 11, 2007 12:07 pm, Adam Burgoyne wrote:
> Hi - I'm trying to mimic PayPal WebAccept forms on-the-fly in PHP and
> take
> the user directly to PayPal's payment page but I can't get PayPay to
> accept
> the post from my site. Does anyone have some working code to achieve
> this?

You are using SSL all the way through, right?...

PayPal may not even allow you to do what you are trying to do, since
it would be WAY too easy for you to compromise the security of
people's credit cards, and PayPal doesn't really want to take on that
Responsibiilty of a Risk outside their control...

If they do accept a direct POST, there should be some kind of
documentation of what they want you to POST to make it work.

Can you describe what is going wrong?

What responses are you getting?

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