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Re: Mimicking POST to PayPal

From: Naveed Memon <>
Date: Sat, 11 Aug 2007 23:21:38 +0500

Hello Adam,

Posting the data directly to Paypal with Curl was working fine, I was using
this method in several of my applications, but paypal changed their policies
in May 2007, so now Paypal would check, if the URL (in browser) is that of
Paypal's then only it would accept the request.

In case of Curl's posting data directly to paypal, the URL you'll see in
browser would not be that of Paypal's server url. It would actually be your
server's URL

Your Option #2 (2) create a payment page and use Java-script in the OnLoad()
event to submit it - not guaranteed to function) is something i'm using
these days, i had to change all of my applications to make them work!

- Naveed

On 8/11/07, Adam Burgoyne <> wrote:
> Hi Mark - I already know about PayPal's on-site options for creating the
> forms but that's not what I'm after.
> I have a number of products and a selection of prices so I need to create
> the forms my end. It would be very easy to produce the form with a PayPal
> button and simply allow the user to submit the form themselves but that
> leaves the opportunity for the transaction to be compromised.
> The only options open to me are to:-
> 1) use PayPal's encrypted forms - not practical :-(
> 2) create a payment page and use Java-script in the OnLoad() event to
> submit it - not guaranteed to function :-(
> 3) POST the data directly to PayPal
> Unfortunately, only option 3 has any merit but, having spent several hours
> trawling the web today, no-one has posted anything that actually works.
> I've looked at countless examples at the PHP site and also at
> Experts-Exchange and <> plus a host of other
> sites but there's nothing I've found that does the job. The last bunch of
> comments I found all made reference to cURL but even the cURL example I
> found didn't work :-(
> This is really my last-ditch attempt to find a solution.
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Received on 2007-08-11