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Re: Install extension curl with php on slackware linux

From: Darko Luketic <>
Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2006 11:12:00 +0200

I don't know about slackware in particular
but compiling php using the option
should fix your problem

regarding configure
usually when you unpack the source, you can set options with the unpacked configure script
eg. tar xvzf php
cd php
./configure --with-curl --with-bz2 --disable-pdo
make install

as i said , i don't know about slackware in particular, perhaps it's better to ask on their forum/mailing list

On Tue, 25 Jul 2006 23:06:45 -0500 (CDT)
Tony Savarese <> wrote:

> I am using a slackware distrubution 10.1.
> I am running curl 7.12.0 and php 4.3.7.
> curl is not being loaded as an extension to php.
> when running phpinfo(), curl is not displayed.
> can not locate a configure command to recompile php.
> there is no line in php.ini for curl, not even a commented one.
> Tried adding "" with in the extension
> directory. This did not work.
> Looking at intall log for php, "configure" was not added to my hard drive.
> Can anyone help me get curl setup as an extension to php.
> I am not aware of all the other options running with php so I want to be
> careful about changing anything else. Just was to add curl extension
> without changing any other part of this unknown configuration of php.
> I prefer to fix this manually.
> - Tony Savarese
> (817) 265-6435
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Received on 2006-07-26