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CURL - request for advice

From: Vašíček Libor via curl-users <>
Date: Mon, 30 Mar 2020 09:50:47 +0200

Good day,
Thank you for your CURL project, which makes use of some minor
functionalities for me. I read your book about The book: Everything curl,
but I probably got lost somewhere, so I wanted to ask you a simple question
for you:
- How do I correctly write the syntax of a command that I run from a
scheduled task from the Windows Server 2019 environment when the (handheld)
Script runs *.cmd, the command is executed, but if I run it from a scheduled
task, then not
curl -T % stamp%_export.xml -v ftp://xxxx:yyyy@zzzz/ > "C:\path\curl.txt"
- Log then looks like this:
curl: Can't open '2020-03-29_18-26-21_export.xml'!
curl: try 'curl --help' for more information
I guess I could do with a command that copies the contents of the entire
folder to FTP, instead of adding a name like %stamp%, so I wanted to ask
what the syntax for a script running from a scheduled task should look like,
that would copy the contents of that folder (all files in that folder)?
Thank you very much for your advice
Vasicek Libor, Czech Republic

Received on 2020-03-30