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RE: Curl output file not created when used with external tool

From: Norton, Mike via curl-users <>
Date: Mon, 6 Jan 2020 21:58:25 +0000

> This command works fine from command line (both output and trace files are produced).
> But when we execute the exact same command from our mapping tool it is not producing the output file (the Trace file does get updated successfully). Curl is able to read the request data file and it also produces the trace file. But for some reason the output file is NOT generated.

I notice your input file is in the “PUTOR23” folder and also the trace file gets created in the “PUTOR23” folder, but the output file which failed to get created was supposed to go in the “PUTOR23\Output” folder. So first thing I would suspect is that something could be different between these two folders.

I would check to make sure that the Windows account your mapping tool runs as (and/or the account it runs external commands as, which I suppose could be different) has suitable permissions on the “PUTOR23\Output” folder.


Received on 2020-01-06