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ssh command, but with curl

From: Dan Jacobson <>
Date: Sun, 13 Jan 2019 06:19:37 +0800

Let's say I have a non-root Android phone that happens to have curl on
it, but not much else. (The Connectbot app works fine there and I was
able to put a connectbot public key into's
.ssh/authorized_keys/ .)

OK, How can I do
phone$ ssh command
But instead with curl?

$ ssh ssh:// id
uid=24346(neurdsberg) gid=4644(pg1628) groups=4464(pg1628)

I can supply a password, or how to generate curl's key to put on's .ssh/authorized_keys file?

Don't tell me the mighty curl cannot even send one ssh line for
execution on the server? I'm not asking for an interactive session.
Received on 2019-01-13