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Re: Add Forum Identifier

From: Art KnsZ <>
Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2019 10:05:18 -0800

At 01-09-2019 13:47, Jan Stary wrote:
>On Jan 09 13:15:23, wrote:
> > I do use the header to filter into mailboxes but that only applies after a
> > post is downloaded to a mail client. The problem is not filtering for
> > a mailbox but identifying legitimate mail via sender and/or subject
> > without having to open and read the message itself.
>How is filtering by "From:" or "Subject:" any different
>than filtering by "List-Id:"?

Quite different. I suppose technically both are "filtering" but
scanning, redirecting, "filtering, etc by Subject is a visual
(manual) screening process prior to download whereas filtering
headers via an algorithm is an automated process subsequent to
download. Viewing a list of email subjects is available in all(?) web
mail providers, local email clients and MailWasher. Viewing the
list-id or other message headers requires opening each email and
locating the headers. It's like the difference between scanning a
single page Table Of Contents (TOC) vs having to examine each chapter
to categorize the contents. The former is quick, efficient while the
latter is tedious and time consuming.

Absent embedded list-ids, I am presented with a bunch of messages
from unknown senders with random subjects. To prescreen them as safe
requires opening each one and examining the message content. This is
slow, wasteful and dangerous. It is extremely unwise to open email
messages from unknown sources. There is a lot of malware that is
activated just by opening a message (especially in Outlook) and not
requiring a clicked link as well as just the time wasted to view SPAM messages.

To reiterate, the subject line is used for visual (manual)
prescreening of emails while still on the server.
Only those allowed by the gatekeeper (me), will be downloaded and
then categorized (filtered) automatically by my email client via
header line(s). Having a list id embedded in the subject also allows
for sorting messages by subject. Subject line list-ids is
implemented in almost all of the better forums and tech lists.


Received on 2019-01-11