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Re: How do I read the version on this web page?

From: ToddAndMargo <>
Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2019 10:26:13 -0800

On 1/3/19 2:38 AM, Jan Stary wrote:
> On Jan 03 06:59:24, wrote:
>>> Problem: I can't figure out how to download that part
>>> of the web page that include the version.
>>> What am I doing wrong?
> Hard to say, as you don't say what exactly you are doing.

I am trying to see if there has been a revision change

>> How is Firefox seeing the 7.0.2091.0?
> The webpage does some naive matching of your user agent string
> (such as "Firefox X.Y.Z / Windows 10") and based on that
> offers this version or another.

I can't see the revision in Firefox's Page Source either

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