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cURL error 4

From: Gary Kuznitz <>
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2018 10:46:51 -0700

I'm using curl.exe in windows 7 with Wordpress.
In Wordpress, I'm getting an error saying:
Download failed. cURL error 4: OpenSSL was built
without SSLv3 support

Does anyone know how to fix this? Or who I might go to
to figure it out?
I realize I'm not supposed to be using SSLv3. I'm
amazed Wordpress is trying to use it. Maybe there is a
setting in Wordpress to stop using it?

I'm using:
File version
Product name The curl executable
Productversion 7.61.1
Copyright ©1996 - 2018 Daniel Stenberg.
Size 806 KB
Date modified 9/5/2018 2:25 PM
Language English (United States)
Originalfilename curl.exe

Thank you,

Gary Kuznitz

Received on 2018-10-29