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I can't launch cURL on my Windows7 PRO

From: James Depaul <>
Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2014 17:58:04 -0700

I have Windows 7 PRO machine (Version 6.1). I've downloaded several kinds
of Win bundles (32bit, 64bit, Generic) for curl. I even used the Download
Wizard - I sill have the same problem:

I launch the curl.exe from the folder on my file system where installed to
(i.e. C:\userprograms\curl\curl-7.34.0-ssl-sspi-zlib-static-bin-w32). The
shell window launches momentarily and then it disappears. I even tried
"Run As Administrator" - same thing.

I've turned off my FireWall on my machine temporarily - no difference.
What could be happening?!


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