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RE: Download multiple files from ftp

From: Young,Jim <>
Date: Thu, 3 Oct 2013 13:21:16 +0000

Michele Mor wrote:

> The problem is that the file on ftp site changes name everyday.
> For example, the file name is ce2013-10-03-10.14.02.sql.gz and everyday the final part of the file changes.
> Since curl does not accept wildcards, how can I download my file without editing my batch file everyday?

I have similar a problem and have solved it by having my script call curl to list out the file(s) available for download and save that list in a file. Then the script loops through the list and downloads the files one by one.

> In addition, I need to save that file in a specific directory, but my guess is that I can simply use:
> -o "F:\Backup\website-db\

I think you need a file name added to the directory path. e.g. -o "F:\Backup\website-db\outFile.sql.gz"

An alternative might also be to do this:

         cd F:\Backup\website-db\
         curl .... -O

where the -O option with use the file name of the file you're downloading.

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