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Re: TFTP issues in curl lib 7.19.4

From: Daniel Stenberg <>
Date: Thu, 26 Mar 2009 16:32:24 +0100 (CET)

On Thu, 26 Mar 2009, vijay g wrote:

As this is development talk, and development of the libcurl specificly I think
we could rather move this talk to the curl-library list. I'm cc'ing this reply
over there.

> 1. tftp_tx() is not handling the case for TFTP_EVENT_OACK. This case should
> be added in tftp_tx(). In tftp_rx(), this case is already handled.In RFC
> 2348, itis given as "If the server is willing to accept the blocksize
> option, it sends an Option Acknowledgment (OACK) to the client." I was not
> able to upload any files, as we are not handling this scenario.

Not any? Does the TFTP code use default block size if nothing particular is
changed? Any chance you can A) write a patch for this and B) check if you can
make a test case for this scenario?

> 2. Whenever there is any error in TFTP, it is better to close the
> connection. In ftp.c, its being done in the same way. "conn->bits.close =
> TRUE; " should be called in tftp_do() in

> if(state->error != TFTP_ERR_NONE) {.

Yes, that seems correct. Although we've already before mentioned that the
entire TFTP transfer should actually much better be moved into the "standard"
transfer code that is done by lib/transfer.c and that'll fix a few other TFTP
problems at the same time.

Can you write a patch for this?

And again, please take follow-ups to the curl-library list where you'll find
that all the other libcurl developers hang out!

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