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Re: TFTP issues in curl lib 7.19.4

From: G. T. Stresen-Reuter <>
Date: Thu, 26 Mar 2009 14:50:51 +0000

Have the maintainers of curl considered the possibility that the
instructions describing which list to post to are not clear enough
when subscribing? Maybe we need BIG BOLD RED LETTERS...

Sorry, I can't lend any help to this problem. I only know how to use
the command line curl and don't know a thing about libcurl.

Ted Stresen-Reuter

On Mar 26, 2009, at 12:00 PM, vijay g wrote:

> Hi ,
> In Curl lib 7.19.4, in tftp.c,i have found a few issues.
> 1. tftp_tx() is not handling the case for TFTP_EVENT_OACK. This case
> should be added in tftp_tx(). In tftp_rx(), this case is already
> handled.In RFC 2348, itis given as "If the server is willing to
> accept the blocksize option, it sends an Option Acknowledgment
> (OACK) to the client." I was not able to upload any files, as we are
> not handling this scenario.
> 2. Whenever there is any error in TFTP, it is better to close the
> connection. In ftp.c, its being done in the same way.
> "conn->bits.close = TRUE; " should be called in tftp_do() in
> if(state->error != TFTP_ERR_NONE) {.
> Please let me know, if the above issues are right?
> regards,
> Vijay
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