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Curl gets a 403 but pasting into browser gets through

From: Bent Franklin <>
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 2009 01:03:48 -0500

A button on a page has: onclick="javascript:s_objectID='Submit
Button';". The script isn't in the page source.

I know the page I'll be redirected to. It uses the
"?foo=bar&bazz=quux" format. If the page is:

I'll be redirected to:

A curl directly to the final URL gets a 403. Yet I can paste the same
URL into a fresh browser (with cookies from the site having been
previously deleted) and get the right page.

How can I find out what the button does?

The site appears to use the get method in a couple of places, but not
as far as I can tell on the button. I don't see any post methods at
all in the source.

Command lines I've tried include:

$curl -o test.html ''
$curl -o test.html -d foo=bar -d bazz-quux
$curl -o test.html -d foo=bar -d bazz-quux -G
$curl -o test.html -d foo=bar -d bazz-quux -G -L

Sorry if this is the most common question ever, but I've read the FAQ
and HTTP Scripting Tutorial and I'm still lost.

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