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Re: that 400 error again [Solved]

From: Lorenzo Ponce <>
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2008 22:00:40 -0700 (PDT)

It worked! You're right Linus, the script works just fine, but when I passed it a string with a space (ie.: 500B 4002) then the 400 bad request error came up. Solve it by using str_replace, trim, htmlentities, and all that stuff I should used... Hope this could help some other people. Thanks for your time!. L. ----- Mensaje original ---- De: Linus Nielsen Feltzing <> Para: the curl tool <> Enviado: domingo, 9 de marzo, 2008 13:11:47 Asunto: Re: that 400 error again Lorenzo Ponce wrote: > Ok, what im trying to do, is about running this script in order to > search in a list of 30 websites, 1 by 1, and to write a bit in the > database indicating that the website contains the desired string, in > this case, the string is 12345... > > some other non working webpages.... I tested all of these with the PHP script you supplied, and all of them work just fine. No 400 error. If you can't make them work with that script on your machine, you must have some other problem, like a bad network connection or something. Linus ____________________________________________________________________________________ ¡Capacidad ilimitada de almacenamiento en tu correo! No te preocupes más por el espacio de tu cuenta con Correo Yahoo!:
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