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Re: Download a file

From: Doug McNutt <>
Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2007 04:27:20 -0700

At 10:22 +0530 12/28/07, Yedidi, Santhosh wrote:
>I am trying to download a pdf file
>I have used the command curl -v <>
>But I am unable to download

the curl tool normally writes its output - the download - to standard out which would be trying to print into your terminal window. Compressed pdf files will not behave well that way.

You need to redirect the output to a file or use one of the options -o or -O. -o is followed by a path to a new file where you want to store the pdf. -O will extract the name "Bhagavad-gita_As_It_Is.pdf" and use it to create a new file in the current working directory.

And one more thing. You apparently composed your question in MS WORD and used its mail capability to send it to the list, The result was about 8 kilobytes of HTML and CSS junk that wasted enough bandwidth to be considered global warming. There must be a way to tell WORD not to do that for simple text but. . . it is Microbesoft. Some lists would refuse to accept the HTML; others might use demime to clean out the formatting.

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