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Looking for utilities written with curl

From: Tony G <>
Date: 23 Dec 2007 09:17:27 -0000

I've been looking around for a freeware/OSS program to validate my Windows Favorites. These are .url files, structured like .INI, with a URL=http://someurl.html to point to websites. I thought this would be a great application for cURL, though not a 5 line program either. Then I started wondering about how many other great apps might use cURL out there, and (to my point) if anyone has created an open source repository of tools that use cURL to do various tasks. It seems to me people from this group could use a lot of the code and contribute to it as well.

I know there are a ton of link validators out there, but to kick this off, I'd appreciate if anyone could point me to a cURL-based utility for validating lists of URLs. I guess the next thing is, what does validation mean - does it include saving redirection info etc? Comments?

Received on 2007-12-23