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Re: Parameters in URL not included

From: Ron Stoll <>
Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2007 12:14:49 -0700

Thank you very much. Enclosing my URL in quotes did the trick.

Dan Fandrich wrote:
> On Mon, Dec 17, 2007 at 10:22:43AM -0700, Ron Stoll wrote:
>> I am new to curl and have been trying to use it to send data to a SAP XI
>> interface. XI requires various parameters to be included in the URL. When I
>> run a trace these parameters seem to be chopped off and the XI application
>> complains that information is missing. I have tried various options (-d and
>> -F) to get the data included but I have had no success. Here is a sample of
>> what I issue from the command line:
>> curl --trace - -T test_file.xml
>> http://address:8080/sap/xi/adapter_plain?service=MES_TESTsystem&namespace=urn:...&interface=MES...&qos=E0
>> The 'namespace', 'interface', and 'qos' parameters are not included as I
>> view the trace results.
>> Any ideas?
> You didn't say what platform you're trying this on, but on many environments
> the & (and sometimes ?) characters are treated specially. Try enclosing your
> URL in double quote characters (as discussed in the FAQ:
> ).
>>>> Dan
Received on 2007-12-17