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Re: curl as a Windows service?

From: Kevin Carothers <>
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2006 12:30:14 -0700

On 9/27/06, Owen Watson <> wrote:
> There must be a certain delay in launching programs rather than
> invoking an existing one. Especially if you're doing it frequently!
> Also, presumably you can control curls security context a bit better (???)


I too am confused- what exactly is it you want to do?
There's always the windows scheduler (if that's what you want to do).

I'm being presumptuous but AFAIK Curl is a command-line tool or a library
and that's just about it.

If you're really hooked on the speed issue integrate CurlLib into a VC++ app
that wraps the service you want to perform.

If you are speaking to it's function as a library- that's cool... but you'
have to tell us what that context is, because in that case CurlLib changes
into just a mere 'component' in the larger scope of what it us you're
trying to do.

Unless (of course) you're having problems integrating it into your own
custom app.

Received on 2006-09-28