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Re: Fetching Sequence of Files

From: Alexander Lazic <>
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2006 21:52:29 +0200


On Mit 27.09.2006 18:14, wrote:
>I type at the Windows XP prompt:
>What I can't firgure out is what to type next to get the sequence saved
>properly in, say, C:\curl\mad\

Have you looked into:

-o/--output <file> 
Write output to <file> instead of stdout. If you are using {} or [] to
fetch multiple documents, you can use '#' followed by a number in the
<file> specifier. That variable will be replaced with the current string
for the URL being fetched. Like in: 
  curl http://{one,two} -o "file_#1.txt" 
or use several variables like: 
  curl http://{site,host}.host[1-5].com -o "#1_#2" 
You may use this option as many times as you have number of URLs. 
See also the --create-dirs option to create the local directories
For your request:
curl -o "C:\curl\mad\filename_#1.ext" \
what I don't know is if you need on windows '\\' or the is '\' enought.
Hth && Regards
Received on 2006-09-27