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Re: curl http: == Info: Connection #0 to host left intact

From: Ravinder Verma <>
Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2006 11:29:24 -0700

>> With strace only difference I see when it fails after recv call write does
> > not happen.
> And what is the full curl command line you use for this? Does curl on your
> native host show the same problem? Does the problem always appear for that
> same URL?
<Ravinder> Curl works perfect on native host. It even works for
URL(s) that fails to work on target. Also I forgot to mention few
external URL(s) like google/ works on target too but
fail; it consistently fails when curl talks to my internal network
server running apache or Microsoft IIS_5.0. However the same URL works
fine when I run curl from native host or from web browser.

Various flavors of curl command I tried and failure happens in all of them.

./curl -v

./curl -S -N -v -o faillog --trace-ascii fail_ascii_log

./curl --include --show-error --location --verbose --stderr
/tmp/stderr.log --trace-ascii /tmp/trace.log

./curl -S -N -v -o passlog --trace-ascii pass_ascii_log [ Pass]

Thanks for your help!
Received on 2006-09-21