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Re: HTTPS POST with Reply

From: Kevin Carothers <>
Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2006 11:58:42 -0700

Hi Dave-

On 9/15/06, Lamar, Dave <> wrote:
> Kevin -
> According to the vendor, this is all the information they are
> requesting.
> As noted originally, it does appear to be working because the last valid
> password is no longer valid, but without a reply, I have no idea what the
> new password is.
> Thanks.
> -dl

    My experience over the years has been that pretty much ANYTHING you can
do in a browser, you can do in CURL- but it can be very difficult to see
what browser's are doing (in partnership with the servr) sometimes.

  Does your "request new passwd" function work in a browser? if yes, then
you will have to dig deeper to see what the client-side request is actually
communicating to the server with.... this will mean you have to look at
everything in the browser HTML between the <form> tags and sending that up
to your vendor's site.

Received on 2006-09-15