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Re: The veritable Swiss Army knife of networking

From: Ralph Mitchell <>
Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2006 21:05:36 -0500

On 9/7/06, Kevin Carothers <> wrote:
> On 9/7/06, Dan Fandrich <> wrote:
> >
> IBM has published an article on their developerWorks site about using UNIX
> networking command-line tools that contains a brief but favourable
> mention of curl (see
> ). A quote:
> [---]
> Cheers to IBM.
> I personally have to constantly defend my use of Curl to Microsoft bigots
> who always bleat "...why don't you use the MSIE ActiveX Control..." ...I
> have to bite my tongue from saying "I'd rather shovel manure..."

I think I'd have to say something like, "OK, so MSIE ActiveX runs in
Linux on Sparc cpus?? Cool!! What, it doesn't?? Why not, if it's so
stunningly useful??"

Ralph Mitchell
Received on 2006-09-08