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Re: SSL Key password from environment variable and not from the command line

From: Juergen Brauckmann <>
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2006 17:43:47 +0100

Hi Daniel.

Daniel Stenberg wrote:
> I think the patch could be modified somewhat to be more generic and thus
> a lot more useful. What if you instead skipped the command line option
> and just set whatever options you want in the CURL_CMDLINE environment
> variable and then you have curl parse that variable as if it was a line
> in a config file or given on the command line?
> In your case, you'd set it to "-pass mysecretpassword", but others might
> find it useful to use -u, -U or other options in that variable...
> Don't you agree?

Hm, yes.

But I guess that CURSE_CMDLINE should be capable to take multiple
options, not just one, and that makes parsing it a little bit awkward.
And how do we handle quoting of spaces etc if there are multiple options?

Received on 2006-01-11