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RE: Fwd: Bug#311112: curl: Escape <space> in HTTP requests

From: David Mooney <>
Date: Tue, 7 Jun 2005 08:52:24 -0400

> > I suppose it would make even more sense if it was made an option that
> converts
> > everything non-URL into its %HH-coded version and not only space. Like
> > --url-sanitise or something.
> If anyone attempts such a patch, make sure "?", "&", and "=" are NOT
> %HH-coded, as that would cause problems for someone using a URL with
> embedded form parameters. And also don't encode "/"...

On Windows there is an SDK function called InternetCanonicalizeUrl which
provides this feature. I understand you probably would want to implement
your own function but it might be worth looking at the docs to see the
various options this function provides.

By default it encodes the entire url including characters after # or ? and
including meta sequences like "..". It has options to, 1) not encode
characters after # or ?, 2) also encode %, 3) encode only spaces, and 4)
not to encode meta sequences. For completeness and for curl to be a
competitive alternative to WinInet, I think all of these options should be
probably be available to the user.

David Mooney
Received on 2005-06-07