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Re: Getting error code 28 on one non-existant file but 22 on another

From: Carlo Dominguez <>
Date: Thu, 2 Jun 2005 15:39:27 +0800

hi guys,

thnx for ur input.. if i suppress this using @sign, @curl_exec($ch).. this
will not show that error, my concern was, looking at my sample code -- the
only complete download im getting is the first one (zip file)... the 2nd
(zip) and 3rd (exe) were not downloaded completely coz i can't open it. But
if i use cURL in downloading one link -- it gives me no problem. But for
these, i have 3 site links in my text file.. U guys r still great, tnx for
ur help.

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From: "Wayne Dawson" <>
To: "curl tool talk" <>
Sent: Thursday, June 02, 2005 3:45 AM
Subject: RE: Getting error code 28 on one non-existant file but 22 on

> Hi Daniel, my replies to your questions are in [ ], below.
> On Wed, 1 Jun 2005, Wayne Dawson wrote:
> > I know what it means, but it doesn't make sense for that... Therer's
> > no reason for the timeout. There's no network condidtion for it to
> happen.
> And you are absolutely sure about that?
> [I'd swear to it. ]
> > The file is smaall. The thing is that it doesn't exist. A file with
> > that name *could* exist, but yesterday there ws no such file. I
> > should have got error 22.
> Can you show us a command line against a public URL that repeats this
> problem?
> [Well, I'd like to... but I can't without giving you our password to the
> site. This site is an ASP's SSL site, and authentication is required.
> The files downloaded have client's personal information in them, and
> well, you know they wouldn't appreciate it. ;)
> In any event, it's never happened to the daily files, only the monthend
> ones, and month end was yesterday. Today there would be only daily
> files. If the problem is related to the long filename it would need at
> least one existing monthend file.]
> Anyway, it would help if you'd use --trace-ascii in your problematic
> case as then we could analyze that log more when this error 28 occurs.
> And if you'd upgrade to 7.14.0 and --trace-time it would be even better.
> [Since, it won't happen now until next month -- at least I haven't seen
> it on the daily files -- this will have to wait until then. I can try
> it. Using 7.14.0 is probably a good idea, regardless, too. Actually,
> that's what I have on my local workstation (your build, as a mater of
> fact). However, I updated only yesterday, and didn't do it on the
> production machines.]
> > I did get error 22 when I tried to get the other style of filename,
> > that also didn't exist.
> >
> > This may sound weird, and I tried to explain it, but maybe it wasn't
> > too clear.
> I think you were clear, but it still sounds odd.
> [OK, then.... Since we get all the files that are there; I'll change the
> error message to be a warning message; if I can't find any reason for
> this behaviour.
> Thanks for the ideas - Wayne ]
Received on 2005-06-02