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Newbie - Command Line Tools - Unix to MVS Transfers - what am I missing

From: Jim <>
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 2004 20:50:39 -0500


I am writing this from home so don't have access to the actual curl commands I used but I hope this will suffice.

I would like to use the CURL command line to improve a home-grown utility our DP shop uses. We basically currently use
"scripted FTP" (Unix, Korn Shell) and it works but it's clunky obviously.

Initial tests seemed to be working pretty well then I made the mistake of comparing files (see below) and here is what I get.

What I did to test something:

1) Used CURL command-line to send a file "a_unix_file" to MVS (TSO) let's call the destination file "MVS.FILE.TEST"
- for this I used the --ascii and --crlf option. Note the "a_unix_file" in this case is just a plain text file.

2) I then used CURL to download the file that I just uploaded - in other words - I downloaded MVS.FILE.TEST to let's say MVS.FILE.TEST.DOWNLOAD (this file is now on unix) I used --ascii option here but not --crlf (since that is apparently only for uploads).

3) In all cases the transfers worked.

4) However, I then did a Unix diff on "a_unix_file" (the original file) and "MVS.FILE.TEST.DOWNLOAD" (the original file that was re-downloaded so to speak).

5) I expected these files to compare exactly, however they did not. If my memory serves me correctly I believed the MVS.FILE.TEST.DOWNLOAD had a extra carriage return and/or linefeed on each line.

6) I have tried various options of --crlf and --ascii for both the upload/downloads but I never get back the exact same original file.

7) Any ideas on this would be greatly appreciated, I really like CURL but if I can't go "full circle" to speak then I can' t use this utility for our process.

Jim Locigno
Received on 2004-12-17