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RE: Uploaded unaligned file size error

From: <>
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2004 23:33:39 -0700

The real issue has been discovered. The system that the file was being sent
to was moving the file while it was being sent. It checked for the file
every 5 min. and relocated it. My process kept retrying the transfer every
10 minutes. Now I immediately retry a failed transfer and, if needed,
recycle attempts every 7 min.


-Dan Palasek

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Subject: Re: Uploaded unaligned file size error

On Tue, 13 Jul 2004 wrote:

> When I searched for others encountering this same issue, the reason always
> seemed to be related to large file support. In my case I am using Curl to
> FTP upload a 8.8Mb file and consistently get the unaligned file error at
> about 85% of the file transferred. The transfer time is roughly 5 minutes.

> Any ideas? I am using the package install rel. 7.10.3 on Solaris 2.8
> a file through FTP via a Proxy :
> curl -v -p -x $proxy:$pport -u $user:$pass -T $file
> ftp://$server/$path/$file

It sounds as if the transfer is being aborted by something along the way. It

could be a bad network, bad proxy, bad server or a curl bug. Does it always
die after the same amount of time?

I'm not familiar with any bug in curl that would produce this problem, but
then you're using a fairly old version.

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